What is the PlumpyField® Network?

The PlumpyField® network was estabilished in 2005 by the initiation of Nutriset. The PlumpyField® network brings together manufacturers who produces Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food based on Plumpy® range of products, which are RUTF & RUSF developed by Nutriset for the treatment of acute malnutrition. Hilina Enriched Food PLC is a member of Nutriset’s PlumpyField® Network since 2006, a PlumpyField® network of partners striving to increase access to new nutrition solutions for vulnerable populations.

PlumpyField® Members MAP
PlumpyField® Members MAP

List of Plumpyfield® partners

Initiated and coordinated by Nutriset, the PlumpyField® network includes private sector partners as well as non-profit organizations, located in:

6th meeting of the PlumpyField® network, on June, 21th and 22th 2019.
6th meeting of the PlumpyField® network, on June, 21th and 22th 2019.

Why the PlumpyField® Network?

Because nearly 195 million children around the world suffer from malnutrition. Nutriset launched an innovative initiative to contribute to nutritional autonomy for all

Nutritional Autonomy

The ability of a state, community or an individual to identify and procure, via sustainable systems, the nutrients needed by young children or other population groups at-risk for malnutrition.

The core of the network focuses on common values:

  • Sharing know-how, technology, and research initiatives
  • Mutual assistance through continuous dialogue between the members of the network
  • Sustainability by following the principles of sustainable development and the careful monitoring of financial stability
  • Quality and compliance with international standards
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Functioning as a network

  • Enables members to react more rapidly to nutritional emergencies
  • Facilitates work on chronic malnutrition in non-emergency periods
  • Boosts local economies, including activities associated with the production of raw materials
  • Favors the inclusion of ready-to-use food products in national food strategies

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