Hilina Foods Donated its Product worth 3.3 Million Birr

In order to fulfill its mission to save lives and contribute to malnutrition reduction Hilina Foods has donated one of its Ready-to-Use-Food called Plumpy Nut (RUTF) along with children’s book & clothes to local NGO’s, associations and governmental hospitals. Following this, the company has selected 12 governmental hospitals in 5 regions (Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Mekele, Gonder and Sawla) and 3 local associations (Gergeson, Mekodeniya & TABCO) to donate its life saving product. The selected areas include those who focused in serving the community with a very low income.

From the government hospitals, the company approached St. Pauolos Hospital, Menelik Hospital, Black Lion Hospital, Zewditu Hospital, Amanuel Hospital, Alert Hospital, St Petros Hospital, Ayder Referral Hospitals, Sawla University Hospital, Gonder University Hospital, Debark University Hospital and Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospitals. Again, from the local NGO’s & associations the company has donated to Tesfa Addis Parents Childhood Cancer Organization (TABCO), Gergeson Association for mentally disabled peoples and Makedonians Humanitarian Association. In addition, Hilina Foods has also donated its product Plumpy Nut to displaced Gedo peoples due to the current ethnic violence. The total value of donated products, books & clothes is more than 3.3 million Birr (119,655$),

At the end, Hilina Foods would like to thank all the Hospitals, Associations, and Government offices such as Bole Subcity Health Office who helped the company to reach out to those who are in need of our product. As Hilina Foods could not do any of this alone without collaborating with the concerned entities, we are so grateful for each support imposed in the process of saving lives.