Hilina foods Products are sold directly at our site in Legetafo, Ethiopia. Depending on the quantity, it’s preferable if you contact us early for orders. Please call + 251 116 679041/53 or email us at info@hilinafoodseth.com

Legetafo, Legedadi, In front of Ropack international, Oromia, Ethiopia. Get us on Google Map

Our products are meant for people suffering from specific nutritional deficiencies or with a particular nutritional status (acute malnutrition). Most of our products must be used under medical supervision. They are sold to humanitarian organizations (Non Governmental Organizations, United Nations Agencies, Charities, Hospitals, Dispensaries, etc.) or to social players (Public Health Ministries, associations, etc.) Our mandate is to accompany these active players in a common fight against malnutrition, which is rife in many Developing Countries. We highly recommend you to get a medical test first and make sure it’s acute malnutrition.

Our products have been developed to prevent and treat acute malnutrition dietetically and also to compensate for monotonous or inadequate feeding, causing deficiencies and making people vulnerable to particular medical complications. For these reasons, Hilina foods products very often do not correspond to illnesses encountered in Western countries and cannot be used for them.

To discuss distribution and sales matters for our commercial products; Maleda Egg Powder and Maleda Peanut Butter, kindly write to us directly on info@hilinafoodseth.com or please call us on + 251 116 679041/53.