Mayor of Legtafo Administration visits Hilina Enriched Foods Factory

The Mayor of Legetafo Legedadi City Mrs. Habiba Siraj & the Deputy Mayor has visited Hilina Foods Factory on Thursday, November 30, 2018. They have been welcomed warmly by HILINA FOOD’s Owner & Managing Director Mr Belete Beyene, General Manager Mrs. Hilina Belete and by the other management teams. Together they toured the factory, meeting operators and providing the mayor’s team with an overview of the facilities.

After the tour, company’s profile has been well presented by the General Manager, Mrs Hilina Belete. “Our ultimate goal has always been to rich out more & more malnourished children’s to save lives.  Therefore, we are now concentrating our efforts on increasing production and gaining a share of the local/export market.” said Hilina while presenting.

Mayor Mrs. Habiba was greeted by the General Manager, Mrs. Hilina Belete. “Following the movement of empowering women taken by the current government, it is also good to see a young female managing a business very well as it proofs women can captivate the leading part in other fields besides politics as well” said the mayor.

And then after being thankful for the invitation, the mayor offered to provide HILINA FOOD’s with any support that the local government could provide. “It is so astonishing to see a glowing and well organized factory exists in Ethiopia. Am much honored to visit your factory & appreciate what you are doing,” noted Mrs. Habiba. “It has great importance, not just for HILINA FOOD’s only, but also for the province, the community, and for the whole world.”

“Discussions are happening,” Mrs. Habiba said. “We’ll talk about what your interests are, where you needed support and whether there are appropriate sites or not for expansion and we’ll go from there. We will also make sure your support will continue in regards of the social responsibilities for the benefit of the community and the city”.