About Us

HILINA was established in 1998 to undertake the manufacturing and processing of a range of food products specifically designed to combat the various forms of malnutrition and other micronutrient deficiencies affecting children and other vulnerable groups in Ethiopia. When it was initially established, the company produced Vitamin A enriched sugar as well as iodized salt for UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the general public.

Today, HILINA has experienced significant growth in terms of both size and capital and has continued to install modern machinery and other equipment’s. HILINA established an on-site food laboratory and has transformed itself into a state of the art and comprehensive food production facility. HILINA has been upgraded to specialize in the production of other nutritious and therapeutic foods for children to address the significant gap in the national food production system.

The Amharic name for Plumpy’Nut® is “Nefis Aden” which literally means “life saver”. While some might regard this as an exaggeration, those who have witnessed the beneficial effects of Plumpy’Nut® will attest that it is very much a reality. There is also Plumpy'Sup™ product which is also ready to use supplementary food for the rehabilitation of moderate acute malnutrition.

PlumpyField ® products are working wonders for severely malnourished children throughout Ethiopia as it is a magic formula and one that we at HILINA are proud to promote. In addition to standing guard for the children of Ethiopia, the fact that 50% of the raw materials required for the production of this products are produced locally translates into many positive spin-off effects for the local economy.


Historical Background

Hilina Enriched Foods PLC is the leading food manufacturing company based in Ethiopia. The company was established in 1998 by an Ethiopian Entrepreneur. In 2006, Nutriset of France was included as a joint ownership based on sale of shares. The Company produces high quality nutritional and fortified foods for both institutional and commercial market in Ethiopia and East Africa region. The company’s product portfolio mainly comprises Plumpy’Nut® (RUTF), Plumpy'Sup™ (RUSF), Sheba Peanut Butter, Sheba Peanut Splits and Tafo Iodized Salt. Hilina Enriched Foods PLC has a significant production capacity in the country with a high demand for nutritional solutions. With 253 employees (2014) and through its network of local suppliers, Hilina plays an important role in the local economy and towards the country’s food security.


To be a brand of choice in nutritional food products in East Africa by 2030.


To contribute in the reduction of the mortality of malnourished children by producing the safest and high quality food products.

Core Values

Caring for children

  • We will do our level best for the wellbeing of children
  • Caring for children is caring for tomorrow

Quality & Safety

  • The safety of our customers is our highest priority
  • Quality is not something to compromise

Customer focused

  • We will do our level best to exceed the expectations of our customers


  • We are ethically & morally responsible

Continuous improvement

  • Always a step ahead in every aspects

Social Responsibility

  • We actively participate in community development
  • We are environmentally sensitive

Fair trade

  • We strive for fair trade practices

Our Role

  • Nourishing Children and preventing malnutrition & micro-nutrient deficiency
  • Creating a market for the farmer by continuously developing products from locally available grains
  • Create employment for the youth by expanding our business and creating business links
  • Create University – Industry Linkage and develop a practical well developed graduates
  • Contribute to the economy of the country by generating foreign currency and pay all our taxes in full & due time

Competence & Team Spirit

  • Team spirited and family styled organizational culture
  •  Employing a team of talented and competent staff
  • Establishing and maintaining developmental career structure
  • Investing in training and creating good career opportunities
  • Recognizing and encouraging outstanding performance

HILINA is led by dynamic individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. We serve the Institutional and Commercial market across Ethiopia and the surrounding region. Our Department Managers are young professionals who developed their career working with us since the very beginning of their career lines.

Career Highlights

Hilina Enriched Foods offers an extensive range of employment opportunities to young professionals who would like to grow and develop their expertise with us. Apply online by browsing through our current list of vacancies or conduct a search to find a suitable vacancy.

Why you should consider working with us?

  • Work with talented, mission-driven people
  • Collaborate in an open, transparent environment
  • Innovate solutions to problems that impact millions of Children & adults
  • Do work that actually makes the world a better place
  • Experience the unique learning experience and challenge we face everyday
  • Interact with a global community with diverse cultures

See Vacancy Section for Careers

We are a company who are committed to bring change in the Nutritional Status of Children in our country & region. We consider ourselves as social entrepreneurs with a responsibility to produce and make nutritious and safe food accessible for vulnerable children & adults who need nutritional solutions. We plan to achieve this by managing a long-term, profitable business while taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects we have on society. To reach this objective, we ensure we have a system built that involves the people, community and environment. We combine a top-down and bottom-up approach to embedding social responsibility and accountability.

We believe in mentorship. The future generation needs better education and expertise. Hilina Enriched Foods has sponsored 20 students who have either one or no parents to help them with their school finances. Furthermore, HILINA has become a practical learning place for university students where they get unique learning experience on Food technology & processing.

We believe the Ethiopian community deserves safe and quality food as any other country. We are committed to keep high standards on food safety and engage in a responsible business activity. We want our business to have a meaning to the society and solve our problems in Nutrition. That is why we believe Agro Processing is key and working with the farmers to increase their level of Food safety & handling is our prime concern.

We are proud to be part of the development of our community. HILINA is one of the first settlers in Legetafo area for Industrial Development. Legetafo area is a small town in the out skirt of Addis. The town has so many challenges in building roads, job creation and many more. As one of the first settlers, HILINA contributed and continues to contribute to the development of this community by building roads and giving a job preference for qualified people in the community.


We measure our impacts by the number of children our products reach to improve their nutritional status. We measure our impacts by raising the level of quality awareness in the country, by the number of conscious consumers demanding quality products, by the growing quantity of local agricultural produced we processed and by the spin off effects we create in the economy of the Ethiopia.

Hilina Foods Story

Hilina Enriched Foods is a company founded by Mr. Belete Beyene and his family. 30 years after establishing and leading a Government owned Food processing company called Faffa Foods in Ethiopia, Mr. Belete decided to replicate the establishment and address the problem of malnutrition in Ethiopia in an innovative way.

In 1998, Hilina Foods was officially established to process locally available grains and enrich the flours for the prevention of malnutrition. In 2006, through UNICEF, Mr. Belete came to know about the revolutionary product called “Plumpy Nut” widely known as RUTF. This was a product that was coming from France to treat children with Severe Acute Malnutrition. It was a match made in heaven for Mr. Belete, his passion for addressing the problem of malnutrition was to be fulfilled.

A franchise agreement was signed with the maker of Plumpy Nut, Nutriset SAS. In 2007, the Plumpy Nut plant was officially inaugurated at the presence of UNICEF’s Executive Director, Mrs. Anne Veneman.

Hilina Foods has since grown to fully cover the local demand of RUTF. Hilina Foods has also started producing “Plumpy Sup” widely known as RUSF, for the treatment of Moderate Acute Malnutrition. Hilina Foods is also embarking on prevention products such as egg powder and enriched peanut butter.

Hilina Foods has 220 employees and is one of the most impactful social enterprise in Ethiopia.

See video on: Why our company was started. A brief profile of the founders. Major turning points in our company’s life. Amusing and inspirational events that have occurred along the way. This is Hilina Enriched Foods PLC.

Time Line

Hilina Foods was founded by Mr. Belete Beyene and his family to produce enriched baby foods. Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

Hilina Foods signed a franchise agreement with Nutriset, France to produce RUF products in Ethiopia.

RUTF Plant was inaugurated at the presence of UNICEF Executive Director, Mrs. Anne Veneman. Production of 40 MT per month was started.

Hilina Foods increased its capacity to 300 MT a month to respond to the needs in Ethiopia. started.

Hilina Foods increased its capacity again to 500 MT per month.

Hilina Foods started producing RUSF (Plumpy Sup) and capacity reached 800 MT per month.

Hilina Foods launched egg powder and enriched peanut butter for the commercial market. The aim of this project is to introduce healthy foods and support the prevention of malnutrition children and adults.